Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Black History Month, Matthew Henson

Matthew Alexander Henson, REPRODUCTION NUMBER:  LC-USZC4-7503, Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division,TITLE: [Matthew Alexander Henson, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, wearing fur hat and fur coat], CALL NUMBER: BIOG FILE - Henson, Matthew Alexander, 1866-1955 [item] [P and P], REPRODUCTION NUMBER: LC-USZC4-7503 (color film copy transparency), LC-USZ62-42993 (b and w film copy neg.), No known restrictions on publication.
Digital ID: cph 3g07503 Source: color film copy transparency Reproduction Number: LC-USZC4-7503 (color film copy transparency) , LC-USZ62-42993 (b&w film copy neg.) Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA Retrieve higher resolution JPEG version (162 kilobytes)

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Digital ID: cph 3a43309Source: b and w film copy neg.
Medium resolution JPEG version (43 kilobytes)

MEDIUM: 1 photographic print. CREATED, PUBLISHED: c1910. NOTES: J137917 U.S. Copyright Office.

REPOSITORY: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

DIGITAL ID: (color film copy transparency) cph 3g07503 (b and w film copy neg.) cph 3a43309, CARD #: 00650163

"When Peary and Matthew Henson, America's greatest Negro explorer, went to Greenland in 1891, the quest for the North Pole was just taking form in Peary's mind. It grew into a determined challenge between these men and the elements in the subsequent expedition and the many that followed, until eighteen years later, on the seventh expedition, Peary, a tired man of fifty-three, crippled by the amputation of his toes ten years previously, and Henson, the great Negro, stood side by side at the apex of the earth." Bradley Robinson, 1947

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Credit Line: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, [reproduction number, LC-USZC4-7503]

MARC Record Line 540 - No known restrictions on publication.

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