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Ships and Boats, The "Clermont"

The Clermont Steamboat Robert Fulton. Public Domain ClipArt Stock Photos and Images Robert Fulton North River Steamboat The misnomer Clermont first appeared in Cadwallader D. Colden's biography of Fulton, published in 1817, two years after Fulton died. Since Colden was a friend of both Fulton and Livingston, his book was considered an authoritative source, and his errors were perpetuated in later accounts up to the present day. The vessel is now nearly always referred to as Clermont, but no contemporary account called her by that name.[

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Digital ID: det 4a04813 Source: digital file from intermediary roll film Reproduction Number: LC-D4-5429 (b&w glass neg.) Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA Retrieve uncompressed archival TIFF version (213 kilobytes)

Clermont, Reproduction Number: LC-D4-5429, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.TITLE: Clermont, CALL NUMBER: LC-D4-5429 [P and P], REPRODUCTION NUMBER: LC-D4-5429 (b&w glass neg.), MEDIUM: 1 negative : glass ; 8 x 10 in. CREATED, PUBLISHED: [between 1892 and 1899].

NOTES: Date based on Detroit, Catalogue F (1899). Detroit Publishing Co. no. 05429. Gift; State Historical Society of Colorado; 1949.

The Clermont Steamboat Robert Fulton

PART OF: Detroit Publishing Company Photograph Collection. REPOSITORY: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA. DIGITAL ID: (digital file from intermediary roll film) det 4a04813, , CARD #: det1994004262/PP

Credit Line: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, [reproduction number, LC-D4-5429]

Often credited with inventing the steamboat, Robert Fulton was actually the man who put the design into practice. As a young man, Fulton dreamed of becoming a painter and went to Paris to study. Robert Fulton

Fulton's experiments began while he was in Paris, and may have been stimulated by his acquaintance with Chancellor Livingston, who held the monopoly, offered by the legislature of the State of New York, for the navigation of the Hudson River, to be accorded to the beneficiary when he should make a successful voyage by steam. Robert Fulton: His Life and Its Treasures

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