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Claude Monet, Boulevard des Capucines

Claude Monet, Boulevard des CapucinesClaude Monet, Boulevard des Capucines, 1873, Oil on canvas, 79.4 x 59 cm - Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City. Download high resolution version (797x1076, 329 KB)

The two-dimensional work of art depicted in this image is in the public domain worldwide due to the date of death of its author (the author has been dead for over 70 years), due to its date of publication (it was first made public in the U.S. before 1923). Therefore this photographical reproduction is also in the public domain, at least in the United States (see Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp.), in Germany, and in many other countries.

Works published prior to 1978 were copyright protected for a maximum of 75 years. See Circular 1 "COPYRIGHT BASICS" PDF from the U.S. Copyright Office. Works published works before 1923 (THIS IMAGE) are now in the public domain.

Claude Monet From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Claude Monet also known as Oscar-Claude Monet or Claude Oscar Monet (November 14, 1840 – December 5, 1926)[1] was a French Impressionist painter. The term Impressionism is derived from the title of his painting Impression, Sunrise.

When Monet traveled to Paris to visit The Louvre, he witnessed painters copying from the old masters. Monet, having brought his paints and other tools with him, would instead go and sit by a window and paint what he saw. Monet was in Paris for several years and met several friends who were painters. They all painted in the impressionism style. One of those friends was Édouard Manet.

Monet was exceptionally fond of painting controlled nature: his own garden in Giverny, with its water lilies, pond, and bridge. He also painted up and down the banks of the Seine.

Between 1883 and 1908, Monet traveled to the Mediterranean, where he painted landmarks, landscapes, and seascapes, such as Bordighera. He painted an important series of paintings in Venice, Italy, and in London he painted two important series - views of Parliament and views of Charing Cross Bridge.

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