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Passover Haggadah (Seder Haggadah shel Pesah)

Passover Haggadah (Seder Haggadah shel Pesah)Seder Haggadah shel Pesah (Passover Haggadah) (Amsterdam, 1695). Moses (right and above) and Aaron, his older brother and the founder of the Jewish priesthood, are depicted on the title page of the Amsterdam Haggadah.

An equally influential haggadah, which became the prototype for subsequent Ashkenazi haggadot, appeared in Amsterdam in 1695. Known as "The Amsterdam Haggadah,"
it was extensively illustrated with copper engravings executed by the proselyte Abraham ben Jacob, who based his depictions on those of Matthaeus Merian, a Christian artist popular in the early seventeenth century. The Amsterdam Haggadah's illustrations were widely imitated and copied over the course of the next century both in printed works and in manuscripts. Beauty in Holiness

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