Saturday, April 12, 2008

Central Park New York City Skyline

Central Park New York City Skyline Sping April 12, 2008.

Image 1. looking southwest from the sheep meadow toward the Time Warner Center twin towers at Columbus Circle. The Trump International building is the black building in foreground.

Image 2. Looking south to Central Park South, 59th street. The Essex House is center with the two thin "ears" at the top. To the viewer's right is the Carnegie Tower built over famed Carnegie Hall.

Image 3. Again to our right we see The Time Warner Towers above Columbus Circle at the junction of 59th street, Central Park West and Broadway. At center we see the "geodesic" like Putnam Building extension. Built over the old Putnam Publishing Building, home to many golden and silver age pulp fiction magazines and now home to Vogue, Harpers and many other "modern" publications.

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Central Park New York City Skyline

Central Park New York City Skyline

Central Park New York City Skyline


gintrepid said...

unbeleiveable captures the mood like you are right in the picture.

sookietex said...

*blush*...Thank you gintrepid, what a sweet thing to say. These are some of my favs [that hubby, tex took] too. Mother nature was especially helpful that spring day---the lush color of the grass is phenominal. i love the contrast of nature in the foreground, and the building's architecture in the background. Thanks again gintrepid for stopping by and your kind words.

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