Thursday, May 15, 2008

Native American Father and Family

Native American Father and FamilyDigital ID: cph 3c01272 Source: b&w film copy neg. Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-101272 (b&w film copy neg.) Retrieve un-edited JPEG version (134 kilobytes) Retrieve uncompressed archival TIFF version (12 megabytes)

RIGHTS INFORMATION: No known restrictions on publication.

TITLE: [Cetan Waste, Wipetila and Pte] CALL NUMBER: LOT 3401 [P&P]

REPRODUCTION NUMBER: LC-USZ62-101272 (b&w film copy neg.) SUMMARY: Indian-family: man holding pipe, woman and child in native dress. MEDIUM: 1 photographic print. CREATED, PUBLISHED: c1900.

NOTES: D12826 U.S. Copyright Office. Photo by Heyn. No. 1074. DIGITAL ID: (b&w film copy neg.) cph 3c01272 loc.pnp/cph.3c01272 CONTROL #: 90710582.

Credit Line: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, [reproduction number, LC-USZ62-101272]

MARC Record Line 540 - No known restrictions on publication.

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