Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas EveChristmas Eve. Title{ Holly and mistletoe. Author: Rosalie Koch. Translated by: Trauermantel (pseud.) Publisher: Croeby and Nichols, 1859. Original from: Harvard University. Digitized: Jan 29, 2009. Length: 249 pages.

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The Christmas Fair was drawing to a close. While tho large stores of the city were crowded with persons still having purchases to make, tho keepers of the small booths on the marketplace had already begun to pack away the cakes, candies, wax-figures, tapers, and endless hosts of dolls yet remaining unsold.

The sun had set, and the buyers were hastening home to arrange tho Christmas-tree for their little ones ; here and there a poor mother would be bargaining for a wooden doll or some candy figures for her child, and obtain them at half price merely because tho ground, in spite of the freezing cold, burned beneath tho feet of the seller, who was also longing to return to her humble dwelling, whore so many little preparations and tender cares awaited her.

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