Monday, February 15, 2010

Mardi Gras New Orleans

Mardi Gras New OrleansMardi Gras New Orleans. Title: Metropolitan Magazine, Volume 23. Publisher: Re-published by Peck and Newton, 1905. Original: from the University of Michigan, Digitized: Dec 4, 2008. ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN P. PEMBERTON

At Mardi Gras time, when the whole city is metamorphosed into a scene of revelry, when serious things are laid aside for a time and the spirit of carnival is abroad.

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Anonymous said...

Note this is actually J. P. Pemberton's "Sons of Hope", 1902, depicting a Social Aid & Pleasure Club parade (now commonly called a "second line") in New Orleans; the original painting is in the Smithsonian [](though at present unfortunately no image of the original painting on line)

sookietex said...

thanks for the added insight :)

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