Friday, April 02, 2010

The Little Mermaid

The Little MermaidFab out in the sea the water is as blue as the petals of the most beautiful corn-flower, and as clear as the purest glass. But it is very deep, deeper than any cable will sound ; many steeples must be placed one above the other to reach from the bottom to the surface of the water. And down there live the sea people.

Title: Fairy tales and other stories Author: Hans Christian Andersen (April 2, 1805 – August 4, 1875) , Editors: Sir William Alexander Craigie, Jessie K. Craigie Translated by: Sir William Alexander Craigie, Jessie K. Craigie Publisher: H. Milford, 1914 and first published by C.A. Reitzel in Copenhagen 7 April 1837 Original from: the University of Virginia Digitized: Jul 28, 2008 Length: 663 pages.
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