Monday, May 03, 2010

James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk MaxwellJames Clerk Maxwell (13 June 1831 – 5 November 1879) was a Scottish theoretical physicist and mathematician.

Maxwell demonstrated that electric and magnetic fields travel through space in the form of waves and at the constant speed of light. In 1864 Maxwell wrote "A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field", where he proposed that light was in fact undulations in the same medium that is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena.
from an engraving by G. J. Stodart from a photograph by Fergus of Greenock: Title: The life of James Clerk Maxwell: With a selection from his correspondence and occasional writings and a sketch of his contributions to science. Authors: Lewis Campbell, William Garnett. Publisher: Macmillan, 1882. Original from: Harvard University. Digitized: Sep 28, 2005. Length: 62 pages. Subjects: Physicists, Physics.

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