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BloodhoundBloodhound, The following are the distinctive marks of this dog, which should make their appearance even when one only of the parents is thorough-bred:—Hight, from 24 to 25 or even 2G inches peculiarly long and narrow forehead: ears from 8 to 9, and even 10, inches long; lips loose and hanging; throat also loose, and roomy in the skin; deep in the brisket, round in the ribs, loins broad and muscular, legs and feet straight and good, muscular thighs, and fine tapering and gracefully waving stern color black-tan, or deep and reddish fawn (no white should be shown but on just the tip of the stern),
the tongue loud, long, deep, and melodious, and the temper courageous and irascible, but remarkably forgiving, and immensely susceptible of kindness. The illustration is a portrait of the fine head of a dog owned by Mr. Reynold Ray, an old and well-known breeder, and a prize-winner at various shows.

Title: The dogs of Great Britain, America, and other countries, their breeding, training, and management in health and disease. Author: John Henry Walsh. Publisher: Orange Judd, 1906. Original from: the University of California. Digitized: Nov 30, 2007. Length: 369 pages.

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