Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Benedict Arnold

Benedict ArnoldBenedict Arnold. Copy of engraving by Henry Bryan Hall (1808-84) after John Trumbull, published 1879. (George Washington Bicentennial Commission ) Exact Date Shot Unknown . NARA FILE #: 148-GW-617 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 62 (Released to Public) Date Shot: 1 Jan 1879.

Benedict Arnold and British Major André meet on September 21, 1780 at Joshua Hett Smith's house. On the morning of September 22, James Livingston, the colonel in charge of the outpost at Verplanck's Point, fired on HMS Vulture, the ship that was intended to carry André back to New York. This action did sufficient damage that she was retreated downriver, forcing André to return to New York overland. Arnold wrote out passes for André so that he would be able to pass through the lines, and also gave him plans for West Point.
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