Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2d Massachusetts Infantry on the grounds of Atlanta, Ga. City Hall

2d Massachusetts Infantry on the grounds of Atlanta, Ga. City Hall

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Hello Public Domain Clip Art Subscribers sookietex here. As twitter's @sookietex, please follow. i'm taking part in a promotion by Klout.com, [great service] and the new TNT show "Falling Skies" [great show]. i was chosen, along with other tweeters, to receive swag, an ‘Alien Invasion Survival Kit’ and to be part of the Show's Army of Influence.

The goal for our Army of Tweeters is to inspire interest and watchers for Falling Skies using Social Media. Participants are listed on the "Army of Influence Leaderboard" and whomever is at the top of board at the end of the promotion wins a walk-on role in a upcoming episode of Falling Skies.

Now Gentle Readers here’s what I would like YOU TO DO:

During the promotion, i’ll be tweeting A LOT about alien invasion, Falling Skies and the Human resistance movement known as the 2nd Mass [because of their location in Boston, Mass.] using the #fsincentivized hashtag. Please Retweet [RT] those tweets. Or if that's not your thing, please tweet this for me:

I want @Sookietex to win a walk-on role in the new TNT show #FallingSkies #fsincentivized

Just click the above link and hit ‘Tweet’!

Thank You.


suruha said...

Well, of course I'll do this! Then, I can say, "I knew you when..." LOL Tweeted!

Good Luck!


sookietex said...

txs Su!

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