Saturday, July 09, 2011

Big Yellow Forklift

Forklift help keep industry moving!!! Used improperly, forklifts can be dangerous. Accidents can cost companies time and money, and result in serious injuries to workers. Forklift safety depends on you.

To prevent Forklift accidents, you’ll need to: Know your equipment and how to use it. Learn safety rules - - follow them! Stay alert at all times. Guard other people’s safety, as well as your own. Forklifts should work for you - - not against you.

Follow these 4 safety steps before operating a forklift: Get proper authorization. Only fully trained, authorized drivers are legally allowed to operate forklifts. Many plants require that operators have a driver’s license, badge, etc.

Choose the right lift for the job. The location, hazards and load
requirements determine which model should be used. Be sure load rating, fittings, accessories (such as lights and backrest extensions) and type of truck are right for the job. Wear proper protective gear. The job may require that you wear a protective helmet, goggles, gloves, safety shoes, earmuffs or plugs, breathing protection, etc.

Read the operator’s manual. Make sure you’re completely familiar with the equipment and operating instructions.

Big Yellow Forklift

Big Yellow Forklift
CHECK EQUIPMENT EVERY DAY. If the forklift is used round the clock, it should be examined after each shift.

A forklift should be immediately removed from service if it breaks down or is in any way unsafe. Report problems to your supervisor. Handle heavy loads properly. Don’t overload the forklift’s load capacity. Distribute the load capacity. Distribute the load evenly. While moving, keep the forks low, with mast tilted back. Keep the load uphill when driving up or down on a slope, even if you have to back downhill.

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that forklift looks like it would be really hard to drive with poor visiblity

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