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Demonology and Witchcraft

Demonology and Witchcraft, Drawn by J. Skeno of Rubislaw, Engraved by William Home Lizars (1788-1859). The Bow Edinburgh. House of Major Weir.


Origin of the general Opinions respecting Demonotogy among Mankind— The Belief in the Immortality of the Soul is the main inducement to credit its occasional reappearance— The Philosophical Objections to the Apparition of an Abstract Spirit little understood by the Vulgar and Ignorant— The situations of excited Passion incident to Humanity, which teach men to wish or apprehend Supernatural Apparitions-— They are often presented by the Sleeping Sense—Story of Somnambulism—The Influence of Credulity contagious, so that Individuals will trust the Evidence of others in despite of their own Senses—Examples from the Historia Verdadera of Bernal Dias del Castillo, and from the Works of Patrick Walker— The apparent Evidence of Intercourse with the Supernatural World is sometimes owing to a depraved State of the bodily Organs—-Difference between this Disorder and Insanity, in which the Organs retain their tone, though that of the Mind is lost—Rebellion of the Senses of a Lunatic against the: A

current of his Reveries—Narratives of a contrary Nature, in which the Evidence of the Eyes overbore the Conviction of the Understanding—Example of a London Man of Pleasure— Of Nicolai, the German Bookseller and Philosopher— Of a Patient of Dr Gregory—Of an Eminent Scottish Lawyer deceased— Of this same fallacious Disorder are other instances, which have but sudden and momentary endurance—Apparition ofMaupertuis—Of a late illustrious modern Poet— The Cases quoted chiefly relating to false Impressions on the Visual Nerve, those upon the -Ear next considered—Delusions of the Touch chiefly ex'perienced in Sleep—Delusions of the Taste—and of the Smelling—Sum of the Argument.

Demonology and Witchcraft

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IMAGE and TEXT CREDIT: Letters on demonology and witchcraft: Addressed to J. G. Lockhart. Author: Walter Scott. Publisher: Murray, 1830. Original from: the Bavarian State Library. Digitized: Jan 12, 2009. Length: 402 pages. Subjects: Demonology, Witchcraft.

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