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The Hatfield Clan of the Hatfield McCoy feud

The Hatfield Clan of the Hatfield McCoy feud. - The picture was taken in 1897 and appeared in the Iowa State Press dated February 11, 1899. The headline read "In a Careless Moment Devil Anse Allowed It to be Taken. -- The Hatfields Wrecked the Photographer's Establishment."

The photography show following members of the Hatfield-Clan:

Top row, from left to right: Rosa Lee Hatfield (daughter of Anderson), Detroit 'Troy' Hatfield (son of Anderson), Betty Hatfield (Caldwell) (daughter of Anderson), Elias Hatfield (son of Anderson), Tom Chafin (nephew of William Anderson), Joe D. Hatfield (son of William Anderson), Ock Damron, Shephard Hatfield (son of Cap), Levicy Emma Hatfield (daughter of Cap), and Bill Border (store clerk).

Second row, from left to right: Mrs. Mary Hensley-Simpkins-Howes (daughter of Anderson) with daughter Vici Simpkins, William Anderson 'Devil Anse' Hatfield, Levicy Chafin Hatfield (wife of Anderson), Nancy Elizabeth Hatfield (wife of Cap) with son Robert Elliott Hatfield, Louise Hatfield (daughter of Cap), Cap Hatfield, and Coleman Hatfield (son of Cap)

Front row, from left to right: Tennyson 'Tennis' Hatfield (son of Anderson), Levicy Hatfield (daughter of Johnse), Willis Hatfield (son of Anderson), and 'Watch' or 'Yellow Watch' ('Devil Anse's' coon and bear dog)

The Hatfield Clan of the Hatfield-McCoy-feud

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