Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bethesda Fountain Angel Central Park New York City

Bethesda Angel Central Park New York City. Looking north from the 72d street traverse. "When the Angels arrive, the devils leave." (Egyptian Proverb)

The Bethesda Fountain is a representation of the story of the Pool of Bethesda, St. John (5, 2-4). Its crowning feature is the figure of an angel who appears to have just alighted on a mass of ro««k, and extends her hands as if blessing the waters which gush from it into the upper basin of the fountain, overflowing this and dripping into the lower basin, throwing a silvery veil over four figures symbolic of Temperance, Purity, Health and Peace. The fountain was designed and the figures were executed by Emma Stebbins.

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Bethesda Fountain Angel Central Park New York City

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TEXT CREDIT: New York and its environs Author: Gustav Kobbé. Publisher: Harper and brothers, 1891. Original from: the New York Public Library. Digitized: Dec 19, 2005. Length: 282 pages. Subjects, New York (N.Y.)

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