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Leif Ericson discovers America

Leif Ericson discovers America, (1893) by Christian Krohg (1852–1925).

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Leiv Eiriksson discovers America

The Voyage of Leif Ericson. The island of Iceland was settled by the Northmen at an early day. From Iceland these Norsemen made their way to Greenland, and established a few settlements in that frozen country. In about the year 1000, Leif Ericson, a native of Iceland, sailed from Greenland with thirty-five men in search of a land which a fellow-country man, Bjarni claimed to have seen from his ship some years before.

Sailing to the southwest, Ericson came in sight of the bleak shores of Labrador. He coasted toward the south, probably as far as Massachusetts. Finding the climate mild and the country inviting, he landed and spent the winter. From * the quantity of grapes which he found, he named the country Vinland.

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