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Dewey Defeats Truman

Level of Description: Item Type(s) of Archival Materials: Photographs and other Graphic Materials

This item was produced or created: 10/19/1948. The creator compiled or maintained the series between: 1896 - 1949

Access Restriction(s): Unrestricted. Use Restriction(s): Unrestricted

Subjects Represented in the Archival Material(s): Caricatures and cartoons. Contributors to Authorship and / or Production of the Archival Material(s): Berryman, Clifford Kennedy, 1869-1949, Artist.

Scope & Content: This cartoon concerns the 1948 presidential election. President Harry S. Truman, the Democratic Presidential nominee in the election of 1948, was widely expected to lose by a large margin to Republican nominee Thomas E. Dewey. This cartoon, printed just days before the election, shows Dewey confidently looking over the shoulder of a frowning Truman as they read bulletins showing the prevailing public opinion at the time.

Despite several polls predicting a landslide victory for Dewey, Truman won the election in one of the biggest and most well-known political upsets in U.S. history. Journalists at the Chicago Tribune were so convinced that Dewey would win that they prematurely printed the headline "Dewey Defeats Truman" on the front page.

Dewey defeats truman clip art

ARC Identifier: 306150 NAIL Control Number: NWL-46-BERRYMAN-A072

Archived Copies: Copy 1: Preservation-Reproduction-Reference
Contact(s): Center for Legislative Archives (LL), National Archives Building Room 8E, 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20408
Phone: 202-357-5350 Fax: 202-357-5911 Email: legislative.archives@nara.gov

Copy 1 Media Information: Specific Media Type: Paper.

Happy #Election Day everybody! :) More about this image and story at Public Domain Clip Art - http://publicdomainclip-art.blogspot.com/2014/11/dewey-defeats-truman.http://publicdomainclip-art.blogspot.com/2014/11/dewey-defeats-truman.html

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