Sunday, September 11, 2005

American Bittern (Botanus lentiginosus)

Title: American Bittern, Alternative Title: (none), Creator: Zahm, Gary, Source: WO4399-006, Publisher: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Contributor: DIVISION OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS.

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This species streaky brown, black and white markings serve it well to mix with it's habitat as we see in this example. Though song may be a misnomer it consists of a deep gulping sound.

The breeding range is wide, from south eastern Alaska south to the gulf coast and Mexico. Winters range is beoad as well from Canada to southern Mexico. May be observed in waters from fresh to salt and most in between, bogs, swamps, marshes, streams reservoirs and seemingly where ever water occurs.

Being a "opportunistic predator" the American Bitten feeds on a wide variety of foods, including insects, amphibians, fishes and snakes as well as small mammals. Nests only on the ground and broods 2 to 6 eggs. This mostly solitary species, is known to nest in colonies.

The Bitten is listed as protected.

American Bittern (Botanus lentiginosus)

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Text Credits: Austin, Jane E., and Michael V. Slivinski. 2000. American bittern depredates sora. Prairie Naturalist 32(1):59-60. Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online. (Version 13NOV2001). by Written by Jason Karl, 2000. Additional information by C. Trost, 2000

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