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American Wigeon Drake (Anas americana)

Title: American Wigeon Drake, Alternative Title: Anas americana, Creator: Dewhurst, Donna, Source: DI-Dewhurst,D-AMWI1, Publisher: (none), Contributor: ASSISTANT REGIONAL DIRECTOR-EXTERNAL AFFAIRS.

Language: EN - ENGLISH, Rights: (public domain), Audience: (general), Subject: Birds, Waterfowl, Aquatic Birds, Ducks, Donna Dewhurst Collection, Alaska.

This common species breeding range covers central Alaska and Canada south to a line that runs from northern California to northern New York. Winter from southern Alaska to the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Coast amd from the southern US to Central America.

Found in permanent freshwater wetlands, lakes, coastal marshes bays, ponds as well as sluggish streams and rivers.

Nests on protected dry ground within some 400 yards of water.

Feed mainly on leaves, stems and buds of aquatic plants as well as some mullusks, crustaceans and insects.

American Wigeon Drake (Anas americana)

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Text Credit: DeGraaf, Richard M., Virgil E. Scott, R.H. Hamre, Liz Ernst, and Stanley H. Anderson. 1991. Forest and rangeland birds of the United States natural history and habitat use. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Agriculture Handbook 688. Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online. (Version 03NOV98).

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