Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Weather, Hurricane

Hurricane Floyd Satellite Image, Photo courtesy of NOAA/NCEPHurricane Floyd Satellite Image, Photo courtesy of NOAA NCEP, An Interactive Course on Hurricane Science and for Kids and Their Families, Protect yourself, family, pets and property before a hurricane strikes: NOAA Hurricane Awareness
The National Climatic Data Center: Hurricane Fran - Satellite Image(NCDC) is the world's largest active archive of weather data. NCDC produces numerous climate publications and responds to data requests from all over the world. The National Climatic Data Center: Hurricane Fran - Satellite Image - NOAA Hurricane Fran September 3, 1996
Hurricane Fran September 3, 1996, High Resolution Image

Hurricane: The term hurricane has it's origin in the indigenous religions of old civilizations. The Mayan storm god was named Hunraken. A god considered evil by the Taino people of the Caribbean was called Huracan.

Hurricane: A type of tropical cyclone---an organized rotating weather system that develops in the tropics. Hurricanes rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere. Source NOAA pdf format
Hurricane waves striking sea wall, Image ID: wea00415, Historic NWS Collection.Hurricane waves striking sea wall, Image ID: wea00415, Historic NWS Collection. High Resolution Photo Available - Click Here, >NOAA Photo Library - Historic National Weather Service Album, NOAA
Sixteen feet of storm surge struck the Florida Panhandle during Hurricane Eloise, Image ID: wea00416, Historic NWS CollectionLocation: Florida PanhandlePhoto Date: September 23, 1975.High Resolution Photo Available - Click Here
A hurricane is a severe tropical storm that forms in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Northeast Pacific Ocean east of the dateline, or the South Pacific Ocean east of 160E. NOAA Hurricanes

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