Thursday, April 20, 2006

Weather, Tidepool

Tidepool Seaweed, NOAA, Olympic Coast National Marine SanctuaryAlthough the Olympic Coast is legendary for its ample rainfall and dramatic winter squalls, overall the region's climate can be characterized as uniformly hospitable. Tidepool Seaweed, High Resolution Image
Tidepool Anemones, NOAA, Olympic Coast National Marine SanctuaryThe Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary embraces one of the last relatively undeveloped coastlines in the United States, Tidepool Anemones, High Resolution Image
Limpet and Seastar in Tidepool, NOAA, Olympic Coast National Marine SanctuaryMost intertidal plants and animals have elaborate life cycles that usually include a free-floating, planktonic phase. Limpet and Seastar in Tidepool, High Resolution Image
Source: NOAA's official website for Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.
Tidepool Shore, NOAA, Monterey Bay National Marine SanctuaryTidepool Shore, Photo of tidepool sign adjacent to Pt. Pinos tidepools, High Resolution Image, Point Pinos Tidepool Taskforce Unveils NEW SIGNS to Protect Marine Life, And Announces Research Team to Study Human Impacts
Source: The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is one of 13 national marine sanctuaries administered by the Commerce Department's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The Sanctuary extends from Marin County to San Luis Obispo County, encompassing 300 miles of shoreline and 5,322 square miles of ocean. It is home to numerous mammals, seabirds, fish, invertebrates, and plants, in a remarkably productive coastal environment NOAA Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

PACIFIC GROVE, CA: The Mayor of Pacific Grove, Sandy Koffman, along with members of the Point Pinos Tidepool Task Force, and members of the public officially unveiled six new interpretive signs at Point Pinos today.About Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

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