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We are located within the NAVOCEANO headquarters complex at NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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Cray X-MP From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Cray X-MP was a supercomputer designed, built and sold by Cray Research. The company's first parallel vector processor machine and a fourth generation super, it was the 1982 successor to the 1976 Cray-1, and the world's fastest computer 1983–1985. The principal designer was Steve Chen.

The X-MP shared the "horseshoe" design of the earlier machine and looked almost identical on the outside. The processors ran on a 9.5 nanosecond (105 MHz) clock (compared to 12.5 ns for the Cray-1A), delivering a theoretical peak speed of 200 megaflops per processor and 400 megaflops for the original two processor 1982 machine. Other improvements over the Cray-1 included: better chaining support and shared memory access with multiple memory ports per processor.

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