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Women's History Month Victorian Era Writer Ouida

Ouida_photo.jpg, From 'Memoirs of life and literature' by W. H. MALLOCK; published 1920
Ouida_signature.png From 'Memoirs of life and literature' by W. H. MALLOCK; published 1920.
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Ouida (January 7, 1839 – January 25, 1908) was the pen name of the English novelist Maria Louise Ramé (although she preferred to be known as Marie Louise de la Ramée).

Ramé was born in Bury St. Edmunds, England, to a French father and an English mother. She derived her pen name from her own baby-talk nickname for "Louise". During her career, she wrote more than 40 novels, children's books and collections of short stories and essays. She was an animal rights activist and animal rescuer, and at times owned as many as thirty dogs.
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Ouida was a prolific writer. To date, her most popular novel A Dog of Flanders is one of the most widely read books in Japan.

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