Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Federal Income Tax Deadline

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Taxation in the United States, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The first federal statute imposing the legal obligation to pay a federal income tax was adopted by Congress in 1862, to pay for the Civil War. The 1862 levied a 3% tax on incomes above $600, rising to 5% for incomes above $10,000. Rates were raised in 1864. This income tax was repealed in 1872, but a new income tax statute was enacted as part of the 1894 Tariff Act.[1] However, in 1895 the Supreme Court struck down a portion of the statute as unconstitutional — specifically, the tax on income from property — as an unapportioned direct tax.

At that time, the United States Constitution specified that Congress may only impose a "direct" tax if it apportions that tax among the states according to each state's census population.[2] In its 1895 decision the Supreme Court held that a tax on income from property was a direct tax under the Constitution, and so had to be apportioned.

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