Friday, February 15, 2008

Construction Cranes

Construction Cranes

Construction Cranes
New York City Construction site, development of the entire block between 77th and 76th streets on the westside of Amsterdam Ave. The demolition of a 4 story parking garage for construction of a modern residential high rise.

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Crane (machine) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A crane is a mechanical lifting device equipped with a winder, wire ropes and sheaves that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. It uses one or more simple machines to create mechanical advantage and thus move loads beyond the normal capability of a human. Cranes are commonly employed in the transport industry for the loading and unloading of freight; in the construction industry for the movement of materials; and in the manufacturing industry for the assembling of heavy equipment.

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Lance Cessna said...

It is amazing to watch huge machinery like this at work in construction sites and the like. Truly technology has come leaps and bounds in the development of new technologies to make work easier, faster, and safer. It is hard to imagine sometimes how these machineries are capable of doing some of the things they do. For example, there are caterpillar cranes that are capable of carrying 400 tons of material! 400 tons! That’s just amazing.

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