Wednesday, February 20, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Souvenir Postcard

St. Patrick's Day  Souvenir. PostcardPostcard: "St. Patrick's Day Souvenir" postmarked 1912 in the United States. On postcard: "OLD WEIR BRIDGE". Description: "1912 POSTCARD ST. PATRICK'S DAY SOUVENIR; POSTALLY USED and CANCELLED MARCH 1912".
Pictured: The painting depicted is of the "Old Weir Bridge" located near Dinis Cottage, in Killarney National Park, Ireland. Source: eBay store Web page.

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Killarney National Park From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Killarney National Park (Irish: Páirc Náisiúnta Chill Airne) is located beside the town of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. It was the first national park established in Ireland, created when Muckross Estate was donated to the Irish state in 1932. The park has since been substantially expanded and encompasses over 102.89 km2 (25,425 acres) of diverse ecology, including the Lakes of Killarney, Oak and Yew woodlands of international importance, and mountain peaks. It has Ireland’s only native herd of Red Deer and the most extensive covering of native forest remaining in Ireland. The park is of high ecological value because of the quality, diversity, and extensiveness of many of its habitats and the wide variety of species that they accommodate, some of which are rare. The park was designated an UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 1981. The park is also known for its beautiful scenery.

Dúchas, The Heritage Service is responsible for the management and administration of the park. Nature conservation is main objective of the park, and ecosystems in their natural state are highly valued. Recreation and tourism amenities are also provided for.

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