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Baseball Bud Fowler

JOHN W. ‘BUD’ FOWLER Photo Credit: National Baseball LibraryKeokuk, Iowa, baseball club featuring JOHN W. ‘BUD’ FOWLER, Date: 1885 Photo Credit: National Baseball Library Photographer: Unknown, Type: Black and White, Dimensions: 9.5" × 7.375" Description: Keokuk, Iowa, baseball club featuring Bud Fowler, 1885.
Identifications: Back row: Schomberg, O'Brien, Bud Fowler, Corcoran, Decker. Middle row: Harrington. Front row: Kennedy, Van Dyke, Dugdale, Hudson, Harter.

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In 1867, just two years after the end of the Civil War, organized baseball made its first attempt to ban blacks. The National Association of Baseball Players refused to allow an all black team from Philadelphia join the league. Negro League Baseball Players Association

Perhaps the most important figure on the 1885 Western league Keokuks was John W. "Bud" Fowler. He is the first African-American to play professional baseball before the color lines were drawn. John W. "Bud" Fowler

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Bud Fowler (March 16, 1858 - February 26, 1913), born John W. Jackson, was a baseball player and baseball club organizer, the first known African-American professional player. He played more seasons and more games in Organized Baseball than any black man until Jackie Robinson broke the color line in 1946 and played his 11th season in 1956.

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