Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ships and Boats HMS Bounty

The HMS Bounty visits Portsmouth Harbor, Summer 1999. USCG Station Portsmouth HarborThis Day in History 04/28/1789 : Mutiny on the HMS Bounty

Three weeks into a journey from Tahiti to the West Indies, the HMS Bounty is seized in a mutiny led by Fletcher Christian, the master's mate. Captain William Bligh and 18 of his loyal supporters were set adrift in a small, open boat, and the Bounty set course for Tubuai south of Tahiti. HMS Bounty

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HMS Bounty, British armed transport ship remembered for the mutiny of its crew on April 28, 1789.

Commanded by Capt. William Bligh, it had sailed to Tahiti, taken on a cargo of breadfruit trees, and traveled as far as the Friendly Islands (Tonga) on the voyage to Jamaica when it was seized by the master's mate, Fletcher Christian. HMS Bounty

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