Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dogs and Cats Hero Dog Eddie

Hero Dog Eddie, Photo by Spc. Daniel BearlMeet Eddie, a Soldiers' best friend, who helped to sniff out a large weapons cache near Tikrit, Iraq. Eddie hops aboard a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, along with Iraqi security forces and Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division. Photo by Spc. Daniel Bearl, February 06, 2007 High Resolution Image
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Some Army "heroes" serving with Soldiers in the war on terror seldom get mentioned in the media, although they, too, have died in combat while serving America. They are military working dogs.

About 500 military working dogs are currently detailed to the Army. Dog handlers build a strong rapport with their dogs, resulting in an effective and trusting team. While the dogs can be their handler's best friend, they can be a foe's worst enemy.

"The dogs smell the way we humans see. They can smell an infinite number of different scents in an area, just as we see many different images at once, in one place," Military Working Dogs: The Army's Four-Footed Heroes

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center56 said...

I know this picture! Whoever posted this picture, were you on board the helicopter with a doctor at the time? He sent me this picture from Iraq because he was on medical assignment there. If you know who I am talking about please e-mail me back with a description of him and his name (if you remember him). I'd really appreciate the information. Thanks so much!

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