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This Day in History 1940 : of invasion Paris

Adolf Hitler in Paris, General Services Administration. National Archives and Records Service.ARC Identifier: 540179, Local Identifier: 242-HLB-5073-20, Title: Adolf Hitler in Paris, 06/23/1940, Creator: General Services Administration. National Archives and Records Service. Office of the National Archives. (ca. 1949 - 1985) ( Most Recent)

Type of Archival Materials: Photographs and other Graphic Materials Level of Description: Item from Record Group 242: National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized, 1675 - 1983
Location: Still Picture Records LICON, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: 301-837-3530, FAX: 301-837-3621, EMAIL: stillpix@nara.gov Production Date: 06/23/1940

Part of: Series: Hoffmann Collection; Subseries HLB; 35mm prints and negatives made by the Berlin Office, 03/1933 - 07/1944, Access Restrictions: Unrestricted. Use Restrictions: Unrestricted

Variant Control Number(s): NAIL Control Number: NWDNS-242-HLB-5073-20, Select List Identifier: WWII #82, Copy 1. Copy Status: Preservation-Reproduction. Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD) Media Media Type: Negative.

Index Terms Subjects Represented in the Archival Material German Aggression World War, 1939-1945

On this day in 1940, 54,000 British and French troops surrender to German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel at St. Valery-en-Caux, on the northern Channel border, as the Germans continue their gains in France. 1940 : Paris on the verge of invasion

Battle of France From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Germans renewed their offensive on 5 June on the Somme. An attack broke the scarce reserves that Weygand had put between the Germans and the capital, and on 10 June the French government fled to Bordeaux, declaring Paris an open city. Churchill returned to France on 11 June, meeting the French War Council in Briare. The French requested Britain supply all available fighter squadrons to aid in the battle. With only 25 squadrons remaining Churchill refused, believing at this point that the decisive battle would be fought over Britain (see Battle of Britain).

Churchill, at the meeting, obtained assurances from French admiral Fran├žois Darlan that the fleet would not fall into German hands. On 14 June Paris, the capture of which had so eluded the German Army in the First World War, after having been declared an open city, fell to the Wehrmacht, marking the second time in less than 100 years that Paris had been captured by German forces (the former occurring during the 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War).

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