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Republican Elephant, Democratic Donkey

His Master's Voice, 03/15/1908, National Archives and Records AdministrationTitle: His Master's Voice, 03/15/1908 ARC Identifier: 306144, Creator: U.S. Senate. Office of Senate Curator. (? - ) ( Most Recent) Type of Archival Materials: Photographs and other Graphic Materials.

Level of Description: Item from Record Group 46: Records of the U.S. Senate, 1789 - 2006. Location: Center for Legislative Archives (NWL), National Archives Building,
Room 8E, 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20408, PHONE: 202-501-5350, FAX: 202-219-2176, EMAIL:

Production Date: 03/15/1908. Part of: Series: Berryman Political Cartoon, Collection, 1896 - 1949. Scope & Content Note: This cartoon includes William Jennings Bryan and the democratic donkey, Gray, Johnson, Folk, and Harmon.

Access Restrictions: Unrestricted. Use Restrictions: Unrestricted

Specific Records Type: cartoons (humorous images), Variant Control Number(s): NAIL Control Number: NWL-46-BERRYMAN-A066.

Copy 1 Copy Status: Preservation-Reproduction-Reference. Storage Facility: National Archives Building - Archives I (Washington, DC) Media. Media Type: Paper. Index Terms Contributors to Authorship and/or Production of the Archival Materials Berryman, Clifford K., Artist

Uncle Sam warning elephant, Credit Line: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, [reproduction number, LC-USZ62-57787]TITLE: [Cartoon relating to Republican defeat of Tammany Hall candidates in 1875 elections: "Out of one into another" - Uncle Sam warning elephant ("Republican vote") to avoid entering "Reformed Tammany Hall", having just emerged, sweating, from "Third Term Trap, 1875"]
Digital ID: cph 3b05605 Source: digital file from b&w film copy neg. Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-57787 (b&w film copy neg.) Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA Retrieve uncompressed archival TIFF version (1,629 kilobytes)

CALL NUMBER: Illus. in AP2.H32 1875 (Case Y) [P&P] REPRODUCTION NUMBER: LC-USZ62-57787 (b&w film copy neg.) No known restrictions on publication.

MEDIUM: 1 print : wood engraving. CREATED/PUBLISHED: 1875.

NOTES: Wood engraving from drawing by Thomas Nast. Illus. in: Harper's Weekly, 1875 Nov. 6. Reference copy may be in LOT 4405. This record contains unverified, old data from caption card. Caption card tracings: Tammany Hall; Pol. elections...; Cartoons, US--Nov. 1875; "Uncle Sam"; Artists, Pub. I.; Pol. parties; Shelf.

REPOSITORY: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA. DIGITAL ID: (digital file from b&w film copy neg.) cph 3b05605 CARD #: 2005678043

Credit Line: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, [reproduction number, LC-USZ62-57787]

MARC Record Line 540 - No known restrictions on publication.

The elephant represents the Republican Party, and the donkey represents the Democratic Party. Political cartoonist Thomas Nast created both images for the publication Harper's Weekly in 1874. Nast created a marauding elephant to represent the "Republican vote." Republicans quickly embraced the symbol as their party's own.

In a separate cartoon, Nast criticized the Democrats for posthumously maligning a Republican by picturing the Democratic Party as a donkey or mule (animals considered stubborn and stupid) kicking a lion (the dead Republican). The Democratic Party, demonstrating a sense of humor, accepted the animal as its symbol, observing that it has many fine qualities, such as not giving up easily. Frequently Asked Questions

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