Monday, May 20, 2013

Egyptian Wild Cat

Wild cat from tomb number 3 at Beni Hasan. The tomb of Khnumhotep II, one of the most notable at Beni Hasan, dates to the early 12th Dynasty (1991-1783 BCE) which is in the Middle Kingdom. The deceased was a high official of the ancient administrative area, the Oryx. His titles include Overseer of the Eastern Desert (he held this position from Year 19 of Amenemhet II until at least Year 6 of Senwosret II), Hereditary Prince, Count of Menat Khufu, Overseer of priests.

From Graphic Work of the Egyptian Expedition. Author Norman de Garis Davies. Publisher 1911-1933., 1911. Original from Harvard University. Digitized Jul 3, 2008. Length 123 pages

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Egyptian Wild Cat

Unedited image

Egyptian Wild Cat


suruha said...

'Tis an interesting little kitteh. LOL Thank you!

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Thank you Su! i hope you're having a great weekend

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