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Satan from The Temptation of Christ Engraving ca. 1500

Description: Detail of Satan from The Temptation of Christ, ca. 1500. Engraving, 22.6 x 16.9 cm. C. 1500. Date: circa 1500. Source: Scan of PD artwork reproduced in book. Author: Master L. Cz. (anonymous German Engraver)

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ON THE PERSONALITY OF THE DEVIL. THE word angel as used in Holy Scripture generally implies a spiritual, immortal, intelligent, being, the highest in the scale of Divine creation. Properly speaking, the word ayysXos (angel) expresses rather an office than a nature, and we find the title ascribed to men as well as to spirits in the pages of the Bible. The Hebrew, "J^Vo, as well as the Greek, for angel denotes one sent, a messenger, whether sent by God or man.

In the New Testament, the original word for angel is often rendered messenger, and in proof that men as well as spirits are thus designated it may be sufficient to remark that John the Baptist is thrice called an angel (d-yys\os}—Matt. xi. 10; Mark i. 2; and Luke vii. 27; and the men he sent to Christ when he himself was in prison are ayys\oi—Luke vii. 24. The two men who came to Jericho as spies are by St. James (ii. 25) also called angels; and in Luke ix. 52, when Christ determined to go up to suffer at Jerusalem, the disciples whom He sent to prepare the Passover are called by the Holy Ghost—' messengers (ayye\ot) before His face.'

Bibliographic information: Title: The Satan of Scripture, by a clergyman. Published: 1876. Original from: Oxford University. Digitized: Aug 15, 2006.

Satan from The Temptation of Christ

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Satan from The Temptation of Christ

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