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Emergency Medical Service Vehicles, Ambulance

Rock Island Arsenal Fire and Emergency, Installation Management Agency and the Department of DefensePhoto by Rock Island Arsenal Fire and Emergency Services

Advanced Life Support when it comes to our Emergency Medical Service. We have 6 paramedics on the department and the other members are very highly trained Basic Life Support providers.
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Rock Island Arsenal Fire and Emergency Mission Statement -

As a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals, it is or mission to provide the highest standard of service to all those who may seek our assistance. We will strive to protect life, property, and the environment from fire, medical emergencies, natural disaster, and hazardous materials related incidents through emergency mitigation, public education and code enforcement.

The Arsenal Fire and Emergency Services is an accredited agency through the Commission on Fire Accreditation, International since 2005. This highly acclaimed accomplishment says that your installation is protected by not just tradition but a standard of excellence. Rock Island Arsenal Fire and Emergency Service

Ambulance From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An ambulance is a vehicle for transporting sick or injured people, to, from or between places of treatment for an illness or injury. The term ambulance is used to describe a vehicle used to bring medical care to patients outside of the hospital and when appropriate, to transport the patient to hospital for follow-up care and further testing. In some jurisdictions there is a modified form of the ambulance used, that only carries one member of ambulance crew to the scene to provide care, but is not used to transport the patient. In these cases a patient who requires transportation to hospital will require a patient-carrying ambulance to attend in addition to the fast responder.

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Star of Life: The EMS Symbol

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