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Fire Engine Ladder Truck

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The turntable ladder, sometimes abbreviated to simply TL is the best-known form of specialised fire appliance (sometimes known as a fire truck), and is used to gain access to fires occurring at height, where conventional ladders carried on other appliances might not reach.Also known as an Aerial Ladder.

The name is derived from the fact that the large ladder is mounted on a turntable on the back of a truck or lorry, allowing it to pivot around a stable base, which in turn allows a much greater ladder length to be achieved). In order to increase its length, the ladder is telescopic. Almost all modern turntable ladders are hydraulic or pneumatic in operation. A ladder also can be mounted behind the cab. This is called "mid ship". This arangement allows a shorter wheel base for truck, and also can be more stable in certain conditions.

The turntable ladder units replaced the stand alone wheel mounted long ladders which were prevalent on fire engines before the widespread use of hydraulics.

While the traditional division of a 'fire truck' was a lack of water pumping or storage, many modern turntable ladders have a water pumping function to them (and some have their own on board supply reservoir or tank), and may have a pre-piped waterway running the length of the ladder, to allow the firefighters at the top a stream of water. In some cases, there may also be a monitor at the top of the ladder for ease of use. Other appliances may simply have a trackway which will hold a manually run hose reel securely, and prevent it from falling to the ground.

Some turntable ladders may have a basket or bucket mounted at the top of the ladder, as on a hydraulic platform, and these are called tower ladders. These can provide a secure place for a firefighter to operate equipment from, and alow multible rescues of people.

The turntable ladder may be known as a quad or quint, and is capable of performing multiple tasks.These trucks have an aerial device and ground ladders, but also have a pump and a water tank.

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