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Christopher Columbus Landing at Isabella

Columbus Day. The Life of Christopher Columbus By John Stevens Cabot Abbott. Published by Dodd & Mead, 1875
Original from Harvard University. Digitized Oct 4, 2007. 345 pages. Copyright 1875 by Dodd and Mead.

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Columbus, on the 7th of December, again weighed anchor and sailed to the east. About thirty miles beyond Monte Christo he entered a spacious harbor, surrounded by a grand forest, with a rocky eminence at its entrance, which presented facilities for a fortress which would command the bay.

Christopher Columbus Landing at Isabella

Christopher Columbus Landing at Isabella

Two rivers flowed into these still waters, presenting facilities for the erection of mills. Upon one side a large, green, beautiful meadow extended far back to the foot of the hills. Upon the banks of one of these streams there was a pleasant Indian village. The soil was evidently very rich. The bay and the rivers seemed alive with fish, many of them of gorgeous hues which are unknown outside the tropics.

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