Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thanksgiving at Plymouth 1621

Thanksgiving at Plymouth 1621Good Housekeeping, Published by Hearst Corp., 1901. Item notes: v.33 1901 Jul-Dec. Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized Jul 1, 2005, Unedited Thanksgiving at Plymouth JPG
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Carrie Franzwa said...

Thank you for sharing this! An interesting depiction, especially how the Native man is dressed. It is true that a red wool coat was given to the Wampanoag Massasoit (leader), but the red coat pictured here appears to be a bit over embellished for what the middle class English could have given as a gift. Still very fun interpretation!

sookietex said...

Hi Carrie, yeah, hadn't thought of it until reading your comment, the coat could possibly be a veteran from the pilgrim's group recycling an old military jacket---you know as in the [British] 'red coats' are coming. Thanks for stopping by and for the link to your site :-)

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