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Bathsheba Everdene and Sergeant Frank Troy, Far from the Madding Crowd

Bathsheba Everdene and Sergeant Frank Troy, Far from the Madding CrowdBathsheba Everdene and Sergeant Francis (Frank) Troy, Far from the Madding Crowd.

November 23, 1874 Thomas Hardy's novel is published. Helen Paterson Allingham, R. W. S. (1848-1926) — Illustrator and Water-Colourist

Title: Far from the madding crowd. Far from the madding crowd, Thomas Hardy. Author: Thomas Hardy. Edition: 2. Publisher: Smith, Elder & Co., 1874. Original from: Oxford University. Digitized: Jan 24, 2007.
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"Frank, dearest, is that you?" The tones were Bathsheba's.

"Yes," said Troy to her.

"How late you are," she continued tenderly. "Did you come by the canier? I listened and heard his wheels entering the village, but it was some time ago, and I had almost given you up, Frank."

"I was sure to come," said Frank. "You knew I should, did you not?"

"Well, I thought you would," she said, playfully; "and, Frank, it is so lucky I There's not a soul in my house but me to-night. I've packed them all off, so nobody on earth will know of your visit to your lady's bower. Liddy wanted to go to her grandfather's to tell him about her holiday, and I said she might stay with them till to-morrow—when you'll be gone again."

"Capital," said Troy. "But, dear me, I had better go back for my bag: you run home whilst I fetch it, and I'll promise to be in your parlour in ten minutes."

"Yes." She turned and tripped up the hill again.

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