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Blue and cream Persian cats #Caturday

Blue and cream Persian cats, after a painting by William Luker (1862-1934) 

The following notes from Mr. Robert Little, to whom I have alluded as a breeder of black Persians, will be of interest:—

"Few of these cats retain their proper colour throughout the year. The sun and exposure induce rustiness, and in some instances to such an extent that the handsome jet exhibit of October or January is hardly recognisable as the same cat in July or August.

"The kittens seldom become really black until some months old. 'Lady Bruin,' for example, was so named on account of her brown or rusty appearance. Her coat is now, and has long been, of the densest black.

"Long-haired black cats as a class are not so heavily or lengthily coated as some others. In many the coat resembles hair rather than fur, and these I have found the more consistently black and less liable to variation in shade. The tendency in all, however, is for the coat to become blacker with age.

"The eyes of the kittens for the first month are blue. They then gradually change, and by the end of the second month it may be fairly ascertained whether or not they will possess the much coveted orange hue. Several months, though, elapse before the shade is permanently determined; but I have never experienced a lighter shade supervening on a darker.

"It is not necessary for both parents, or even either, to possess deep orange eyes in order to secure such in the kittens. I take it, nevertheless, the desired tint must have been 'in the family.'

Blue and cream Persian cats

Blue and cream Persian cats, after a painting by William Luker (1862-1934)

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TEXT and IMAGE CREDIT: The Book of the Cat. Authors: Frances Simpson, Frances Simpson (Miss.) Publisher: Cassell and Company, limited, 1903. Original from: the University of Michiga. Digitized: May 22, 2008. Length: 380 pages. Subjects: Cats. Children's apperception test.

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