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Space the Final Frontier, CTA-102

U.S. Naval Observatory Radio Reference Frame Image Database Movies
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of the positions and motions of stars and solar system objects and the establishment of celestial reference frames.

Quasar, source of radio waves, first observed in the early 1960s by CALTEC, and proposed, in 1963, by N. S. Kardashev in the Astronomical Journal of the USSR as evidence of a Type Two or Three Kardashev civilization. A worldwide sensation followed CTA-102

The quasar CTA 102 (QSO 2230+114) was observed four times in 1991-1992 by the EGRET high-energy gamma ray telescope on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory satellite. In the 1992 January 23 -- February 6 observation, emission was detected at the level (2:4 \Sigma 0:5) \Theta 10 \Gamma7 photons cm \Gamma2 s \Gamma1 (E ? 100 MeV). Observation of High-Energy Gamma Rays from the QSO CTA 102

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