Sunday, August 06, 2006

Space the Final Frontier, Spaceman

Apollo 11, Credit: NASA Johnson Space Center (NASA-JSC)
Date: 07.11.1969m Title: Artists concept of Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong on the moon. Description: A Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation artist's concept depicting mankind's first walk on another celestianl body. Here, Astronaut Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 commander, is making his first step onto the surface of the moon.
In the background is the Earth, some 240,000 miles away. Armstrong. They are continuing their postflight debriefings. The three astronauts will be released from quarantine on August 11, 1969. Donald K. Slayton (right), MSC Director of Flight Crew Operations; and Lloyd Reeder, training coordinator. ID: S69-38662. Credit: NASA Johnson Space Center (NASA-JSC)

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