Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weather and Natural Phenomenon

Weather, 1913 Horrors of Tornado Flood and Fire - Frontispiece to "Horrors of Tornado Flood and Fire," by Frederick E. Drinker. 1913. An account of tornados, flooding and accompanying fires from Nebraska to New York in the year 1913.

Weather, Severe Storms Tornado - The first tornado captured by the NSSL doppler radar and NSSL chase personnel. The tornado is here in its early stage of formation.

Weather, Surf's Up - New big wave surfing area off Galveston. Waves generated from Tropical Storm Allison,

Weather, Hail - Large hail collects on streets and grass during severe thunderstorm. (2 Images)

Weather, Volcanos - Mount St. Helens, Washington, Eruption Images, 2004 and 2005, Memorable Images of "The First Year" (5 Images)

Weather, Rainbows - A primary and secondary rainbow - note reversal of spectrum Reversal. (3 Images)

Weather, Drought - Dust covers a fence line in the American Midwest during the Dust Bowl years. In: 'To Hold This Soil', Russell Lord, 1938. Miscellaneous Publication No. 321

Weather, Fire - Grass fire in Eastern Washington, State: Washington By: Gary Wilson, (3 Images)

Weather, Mudslide - Geology of the Mt. Princeton Area - Some areas around Mt. Princeton are composed of granite and calcite. (4 Images)

Weather, Lightning - Multiple cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning strokes during night-time. (3 Images)

Weather, Geyser - Photographs of Steamboat Geyser, Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park. Steamboat, located in Norris Geyser Basin, is one of Yellowstone's most famous geysers. (4 Images)

Weather, Avalanche - Powder or Loose Snow Avalanche, Definition: A mass of loosely packed snow that begins with a piece of falling rock or ice (4 Images)

Weather, Earthquake - Damages Caused by the November 29, 1975 Earthquake, An estimated $4 million (worth approximately $13 million in 1999 dollars) of damages is attributed to the earthquake and its related catastrophic events. (3 Images)

Weather, Rain - The purpose of NASA’s Earth Observatory is to provide a freely-accessible publication on the Internet (3 Images)

Weather, Waterfall - Waterfall in the Krantz Kloof Reserve, Restrictions for Using NOAA Images, Most NOAA photos and slides are in the public domain (ALL those presented here) (4 Images)

Weather, Icebergs - Huge tabular icebergs, calved from the ice shelf in the Southern Ocean's Weddell Sea. (Photo courtesy of Mike Vecchione, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service), (4 Images)

Weather, Hurricane - Sixteen feet of storm surge struck the Florida Panhandle during Hurricane Eloise (4 Images)

Weather, Tidepool - The Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary embraces one of the last relatively undeveloped coastlines in the United States (4 Images)

Weather, Dust Storm - A wall of dust approaching a Kansas town. In: "Effect of Dust Storms on Health," U. S. Public Health Service, (4 Images)

Weather Blizzard - Young steer after a March blizzard. Blizzard conditions are extremely hard on exposed livestock. (4 Images)

Weather, Fog - Early morning fog on a southern lake, Image ID: wea00153, Historic NWS Collection (3 Images)

Weather, Flood - Many busineses were closed during the flood like the one depicited in this photo of a Riverboat Ride Sign under water. (3 Images)

Weather, Northern Lights - The Aurora Borealis (commonly referred to as the Northern Lights) are the result of interactions between the Sun and Earth's outer atmosphere (5 Images)

Weather, Coral Reef - Brain coral and sea fan close-up. 1987 Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. (5 Images)

Weather, Caves - Cowboy Caves, located on the Colorado Plateau in Utah, are named for the cowboy graffiti and cattle brands scratched on the walls. (6 Images)

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