Thursday, October 05, 2006

Science and Technology, Ocean Circulation

Data Assimilation in High Resolution, Numerical Simulations of the Ocean Circulation, Eric P. Chassignet, Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA,
The primary goal of this Challenge project is to support the Navy's requirement for generation of optimal estimates of the time-varying ocean state on synoptic time scales on the order of weeks to months and on spatial scales typically on the order of 10-1000 km (mesoscale). Doing this in real time requires interplay between large varied data sets, numerical ocean circulation models, and data assimilation algorithms.

Due to the large demand placed by near-optimal assimilation techniques on raw computing power, this work qualifies as a Challenge project. It has been made possible through the extensive use of High Performance Computing (HPC) assets provided by the High Performance Computing Modernization Program.

The Naval Oceanographic Office Major Shared Resource Center (NAVOCEANO MSRC) is a premiere provider of high performance computing services and support to the United States Department of Defense.

We are located within the NAVOCEANO headquarters complex at NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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