Saturday, October 14, 2006

Science and Technology, Transistors

Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology, Credit Line as it should appear in print: Credit: NTT/NIST.New Design for Transistors Powered by Single Electrons, The colorized images show how tuning the voltage of the three gates controls very small amounts of electrical charge and regulates current flow in the new silicon transistor.
In the first figure, the pattern of diagonal lines indicates the charge is correlated throughout the device, and current is flowing (at levels ranging from 0 Amps shown in red, to 1.4 nanoAmps shown in violet). The next three figures show what happens as the voltage applied to the center gate is reduced. In the last figure, the square pattern indicates the charge has separated in the device, and the large amount of white space indicates a related drop off in the current.

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See also, Subjects (names): Topics/Categories: Nanotechnology--Electronics, Type: Graphic/scientific data, Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Credit Line as it shouldappear in print: Credit: NTT/NIST, AV Number: 06EEEL003, Date Created: February 2, 2006, Date Entered: 2/2/2006

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