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Rudolph Valentino

RUDOLPH VALENTINO. Photograph. [Between 1915 and 1926.] Location: Biographical File, Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-90327

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On this day in 1926 (august 23d), heartthrob Rudoph Valentino dies at the age of 31, after surgery for a perforated ulcer. The actor's death provoked a hysterical outpouring of grief among women around the country.

Tens of thousands of fans swarmed the Campbell Funeral home two days later, and public viewing of the body was cut short to control the mob. Movie studios shut down on September 7 for Valentino's funeral, the first time studios closed their doors for the death of an actor. 1926 : Rudolph Valentino dies

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Rudolph Valentino (May 6, 1895 – August 23, 1926) was an Italian actor. He was born Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Piero Filiberto Guglielmi in Castellaneta, Italy, to a middle-class family. In the 1920s, Valentino was know as Latin sex symbol.

Valentino was born to Marie Berthe Gabrielle Barbin (1856 - 1919), who was French, and Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe Fidele Guglielmi (1853-1906), an Italian veterinarian. He had an older brother, Alberto (1892-1981), a younger sister, Maria, and an older sister Beatrice who died in infancy.

In 1913 Valentino left for the United States, following the advice of his friend Domenico Savino. He arrived in New York City on December 23, 1913. After exhausting a small family legacy, he endured a spell of poverty during which he supported himself with odd jobs such as bussing tables in restaurants, and gardening.

Eventually he found work as a taxi dancer and instructor, and later as an exhibition dancer. He gained attention for his rendition of the Argentine tango.

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