Sunday, August 19, 2007

Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-118 EVA

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Space Shuttle Endeavour  STS-118 EVA, Image credit: NASAJoint Operations End; Endeavour Undocks High Resolution Image Full Size (2.30 Mb)

During the third spacewalk astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Clay Anderson (out of frame) relocated the S-Band Antenna Sub-Assembly
from Port 6 (P6) to Port 1 (P1) truss, installed a new transponder on P1 and retrieved the P6 transponder. Image credit: NASA

The third spacewalk occurred Wednesday. It featured preparations for the relocation of the Port 6 truss from atop the station to the end of the Port 5 truss when STS-120 visits later this year. A fourth spacewalk took place Saturday in which an antenna was installed and two materials science experiments were retrieved for return to Earth.

In other activities, the two crews transferred cargo between Endeavour and the station.

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