Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Day of Winter

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Winter From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Winter is one of the four seasons of temperate zones. Almost all English-language calendars, going by astronomy, state that winter begins on the winter solstice, and ends on the spring equinox. Calculated more by the weather, it begins and ends earlier and is the season with the shortest days and the lowest temperatures. Either way, it generally has cold weather and, especially in the higher latitudes, snow and ice.

Depending on place and culture, start and end of winter can be defined as above or in other ways. Contemporary meteorology takes winter to be the months of June, July, and August in the Southern Hemisphere, and December, January, and February in the Northern Hemisphere.

Passing seasons change the habits and moods of people. During the winter months in the northern hemisphere, a gloominess nicknamed "winter blues", "February blahs", "Holiday depression", or doldrums, is informally noted amongst people. The severest cases of this type of depression is diagnosed as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Symptoms include sleeping more, tiredness, depression, and physical aches. Although causes include genetic disposition and stress, the prevailing environmental influence is decreased exposure to light due to the angle of the sun and the increased amount of clothing that must be worn to keep warm.

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