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Historic Chanukkah menorot VIDEO

Historic Chanukkah menorahsVarious menorot used for Hanukkah (Hanukiot). Taken from the 1901-1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, now in the public domain. The locations of the hanukiot given below reflect their locations as of the publication of the Jewish Encyclopedia and not their present locations.

Menorah "Lighting Guide VIDEO - Discover the importance of the menorah and how, when and where to light it. (4:34)
* 1. Bronze, French, attributed to 12th cent. (in the Musée de Cluny, Paris).
* 2. Yellow copper, modern (in the synagogue at Pogrebishche, Russia).
* 3. Silver (?), medieval (in the possession of Dr. Albert Figdor, Vienna).
* 4. Yellow copper, modern (in the synagogue at Padua, Italy).
* 5. Silver and bronze, 17th cent. (in the possession of Jacob H. Schiff. New York).
* 6. Silver, late 19th century (from the collection of the late Rabbi Benjamin Szold, Baltimore).
* 7. Bronze, Italian, 15th cent. (in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London).
* 8. Silver, English (?), 16th cent. (in the possession of E. A. Franklin, London).
* 9. Silver, Nuremberg, 17th cent. (in the possession of N. S. Joseph, London).
* 10. Silver, modern (in the possession of Maurice Herrmann, New York).

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